How do you test a website for http2 protocol?

There are several ways to test a website for HTTP/2 protocol support: Using Browser Developer Tools: Using Online Tools: Using Command Line Tools: Using Browser Extensions: Remember, HTTP/2 requires HTTPS encryption, so make sure the website uses HTTPS before testing.

Install WordPress on Apache (Debian)

So, the following we run the commands to set up apache for wordpress. Download and unzip the WordPress package from: Then extract the package to the apache root directory: Activate Mod Rewrite. Create vhosts. After installing it, you will need to restart Apache services with the command: If needed, you will need to edit the … Read more

Lamp script for CentOS 8

Here is a simple lamp install script for CentOS 8. Check the installation Insert the PHP code below and save the file. [/bash] Then head out to your browser, and type the URL below. Remember to replace the server IP address with your server’s actual IP address. http://server-ip-address/info.php

Benchmark Apache

How to test apache. Create 2 files: testload.php test.php Create a php file testload.php that checks the existence of another file named test.php in the same directory of two CentOS 7 servers with the same hardware characteristics and load but with different MPM. One of them will use event and the other one will use … Read more

View Apache Statistics with Apache mod_status module

The Apache mod_status module is something that can be very useful when troubleshooting high CPU or Memory usage with Apache. Taken it directly from the Apache documentation: – The number of worker serving requests. – The number of idle worker. – The status of each worker, the number of requests that worker has performed and … Read more