Install the repository CentOS 5.x CentOS 6.x 64 bit Install mytop Configuration Odds are, you will get an error initially running this program unless you configure it first. Example: /usr/bin/mytop or /usr/local/bin/mytop Locate the following lines: change the following line and save the file: Plesk WHM / cPanel Now – go here to learn how … Read more

Install SSL Certificate in Plesk

CSRs can actually be generated within Plesk by following the steps I have listed below. I have also included the steps on how to install your SSL after getting it from the SSL provider. Please feel free to let us know if you are in need of anything else or have any further questions. How … Read more

Debugging sleeping connections with MySQL

Have you ever seen connection in the SHOW PROCESSLIST output which is in “Sleep” state for a long time and you have no idea why this would happen ? I see if frequently with web applications and it is often indication of trouble. Not only it means you may run out of MySQL connections quicker … Read more

ClamAV on CentOS

ClamAV is a free anti-virus program available for Linux operating systems.This will explain how to Install ClamAV on CentOS 6 64. Install the epel repository First, determine the most current version of the repository that is available. Using a web browser, visit Note you can substitute the CentOS version ( /6/ ) with your … Read more

Dark Leach Virus

This root level compromise seems to affect CentOS 5.x and < Plesk 10.4. This affects Apache directly and requires a reinstallation. Slaving the original drive to migrate the files is acceptible since it affects the OS files themselves, but clamscan is still highly recommended. To determine if a server has this compromise: Plesk [bash] fgrep ... Read more

Troubleshoot Qmail Spam

Is the server sending spam. Try this. First, check that all domains have the option ‘Mail to non-existing user’ set to ‘reject’ but not to ‘forward.’ You can change this setting to all domains using “Group Operations” in the “Domains” tab in Parallels Plesk Control Panel. The option “Reject mail to nonexistent user” is … Read more

Qmail Wrapper

Use this method to track down any PHP scripts that might be sending email. 1) Create a /var/qmail/bin/sendmail-wrapper script with the following content: #!/bin/sh (echo X-Additional-Header: $PWD ;cat) | tee -a /var/tmp/mail.send|/var/qmail/bin/sendmail-qmail "$@" Note, it should be two lines including ‘#!/bin/sh’. 2) Create a log file /var/tmp/mail.send and grant it “a+rw” rights; make the … Read more