Qmail : Removing emails from queue having the specified Subject

Identify the email header id from the queued emails.. I’m goingg to use “qmail-qstat” command to know the email header. ID will starts with # symbal eg. #1445826 [root@mail4 ~]# /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qread | more 4 Dec 2012 17:04:33 GMT #1442054 7146 remote admin@sample.com 4 Dec 2012 17:06:16 GMT #1442974 7048 remote admin@samplesouth.net 4 Dec 2012 17:08:47 … Read more

Troubleshoot Postfix Spam

RE: http://kb.parallels.com/en/114845 [stextbox id=”info”]Symptoms: Many email messages are sent from PHP scripts on the server. How can I find the domains on which these scripts are running if I am using Postfix?[/stextbox] [stextbox id=”warning”]Note:  This article is for Postfix.  If you are using the Qmail mail server, see this: http://geekdecoder.com/troubleshoot-qmail-spam/[/stextbox] Resolution Many email messages are sent from … Read more

Postfix and Qmail Sending IP

Changing postfix to qmail which will use the primary IP of the server (216.55.xxx.xxx) to send messages for all accounts is a great way to change the sending IP to one that is not blacklisted. Qmail default IP default mail ip in /var/qmail/control/outgoingip

Troubleshoot Qmail Spam

Is the server sending spam. Try this. http://kb.parallels.com/766 First, check that all domains have the option ‘Mail to non-existing user’ set to ‘reject’ but not to ‘forward.’ You can change this setting to all domains using “Group Operations” in the “Domains” tab in Parallels Plesk Control Panel. The option “Reject mail to nonexistent user” is … Read more