Basic rsync notes

Here are some basic rsync notes. Always remember… rsync interprets a directory with no trailing slash as copy this directory, and a directory with a trailing slash as copy This will put the contents of “foo” inside of “bar”: This command will put the directory “foo” inside of “bar” Remember…rsync interprets a directory with no … Read more

Rsync to another server without password

Run on the local server ( – THE SERVER YOU ARE RSYNCING FROM. Use ssh-copy-id, to copy the public key to the remote host. Now, ssh to the remote server you want to remote to. If you have a key already, here are the steps: Make a file for the key and copy your key … Read more

rsync from one server to another

Basically, Synchronize Files From Local to Remote (Plesk to cPanel) Synchronize Files From Remote to Local )cPanel to Plesk) Here is a short summary of the options available in rsync. Please refer to the detailed description below for a complete description. -v, –verbose increase verbosity -q, –quiet suppress non-error messages –no-motd suppress daemon-mode MOTD (see … Read more