Check Raid Controller on Linux and Monitor RAID

How to check the raid controller on Linux: Monitoring Tools /proc/mdstat You should get to know /proc/mdstat, looking at it often. This will tell you the state of your arrays, and very importantly it will tell you whether any drives have failed, and whether any arrays are degraded. Check, and check regularly! xosview xosview is … Read more

Check RAID

root@E31230211151 ~]# tw_cli //E31230211151> show Ctl Model (V)Ports Drives Units NotOpt RRate VRate BBU ———————————————————————— c0 9650SE-2LP 2 2 1 0 1 1 – //E31230211151> /c0 show Unit UnitType Status %RCmpl %V/I/M Stripe Size(GB) Cache AVrfy —————————————————————————— u0 RAID-1 VERIFYING – 2% – 1862.63 RiW ON VPort Status Unit Size Type Phy Encl-Slot Model —————————————————————————— … Read more