Verisign SSL Certificates

Verisign SSL Certificates

You have generated a certificate request (CSR and private key) using plesk. You would like to know how to complete the certificate request process. The Verisign digital certificate can be downloaded in the X.509 format as three files. The three files are designated as:

1) End Entity Certificate

2) First Intermediate Certificate

3) Second Intermediate Certificate

When the Plesk CSR function is submitted, it prompts for only two values:

1) Certificate

2) CA certificate

How are these values determined since there are 3 files returned, but Plesk prompts for 2 values?

1) indicate which Verisign file is mapped to the Certificate field.

2) indicate which Verisign file is mapped to the CA certificate field.


The End Entity Certificate is your SSL created to match your public key. The contents of the entity certificate should be placed into the Certificate field of Plesk.

The contents of both the First Intermediate and Second Intermediate will need to be placed into Plesk’s CA Certificate field. These should be pasted in order to create a two part chain certificate.

You should be able to open all of these in the notepad or wordpad programs to view the plain text contents of each certifcate. This will facilitate copy/pasting of the content into Plesk for all certificate fields.

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