Install Let’s Encrypt SSL on Hostname in cPanel/WHM Server

Good Info: Login to the server via ssh andlLet’s run the following command to install Let’s Encrypt provider: Once you have installed Let’s Encrypt provider, change auto SSL provider to Let’s Encrypt from cPanel (powered by Sectigo). Login to WHM >> Manage AutoSSL. Select Let’s Encrypt from cPanel (powered by Sectigo). Check the … Read more

Find and disable specific ModSecurity rules

ModSecurity uses can help block potential attack attempts from malicious users, but sometimes it can also block legitimate requests. Note: Using SecRuleEngine Off in your modsecurity configuration, you won’t want to put that in your ModSecurity configuration file. As that completely turns off ModSecurity. The SecRuleRemoveById setting is used instead to only disable one specific … Read more

Set Domain CPU and Memory cpanel Resource Limits

In WHM, there are some limits on the resources you can appply at Home » Service Configuration » Apache Configuration » Memory Usage Restrictions. There is also some information on how to further customize the settingsin the cpanel forums:

Private Nameservers in WHM

1. Assign the Nameserver IP Addresses in WHM In WHM, navigate to the left hand menu option “Basic cPanel/WHM Setup” and do the following: Set the Primary Nameserver to Then click Assign IP Address. Repeat this for the Secondary Nameserver section, using On the bottom of the page, click Save. 2. Setup the … Read more