Install Proxmox VE on Debian 11 Bullseye 3 Node Cluster with Ceph

The installation of a supported Proxmox VE server should be done via bare-metal ISO installer. In some cases it makes sense to install Proxmox VE on top of a running Debian Bullseye 64-bit, especially if you want a custom partition layout. For this How-To any official Bullseye installation medium should work.

For this Demo, I am installing 3 KVM VM’s. As you can do VM nesting. Also, you can do this on Vmware or Hyper V. Here is the Architecture.

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Proxmox Resources

Installation How to manage USB devices Command Line tools

Ceph – Zabbix sender issue with v14.2.5

After updating/restarting the manager to v14.2.5 we are no longer able to send data to our zabbix servers. Ceph reports a non-zero exit status from zabbix_sender. Check to install zabbix-server. Info: Output: Check Debian version Setting “debug mgr = 20” yields no additional information. Zabbix configuration in ceph has not changed since the v14.2.5 update, … Read more

Installation for Proxmox

Install 3 nodes. Each node specs: Since our host acts as a router we have to make sure it’s kernel has all IP packet forwarding features activated. Take a look at ‘/etc/sysctl.conf’ and make sure that the following two lines aren’t commented out: Lastly make sure your host won’t send ICPM “redirect” messages to guests, … Read more